10 Things Consumers Don’t Understand About Credit Scores





Here are 10 common things consumers tend to get wrong about their scores.

1. The Credit Bureaus Experian, Transunion And Equifax Evaluate My Credit Score
2. There’s Only One Type Of Credit Score.
3. When I Close A Credit Card, The Age Of The Card Is No Longer Factored Into My Credit Score.
4. A Credit Card Stops Aging The Day I Close It
5. I Need To Carry Debt To Build Credit
6. Medical Debt Is Treated Differently On Credit Reports
7. A Credit Repair Company Can Only Remove Inaccuracies To Improve My Score
8. So That Means A Credit Repair Company Takes Illegal Action To Fix My Score
9. My Utilization Rate Doesn’t Matter
10. I Should Avoid New Store Credit Cards Because They’ll Hurt My Score

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